About Us

Maanas is an organisation committed to transformation through psychological self-awareness. We work with individuals, adolescents, young adults, couples, managers, teams and corporate leaders in-order to facilitate personal and organisational awareness. We believe that self-awareness is the first step towards change and growth. Through our range of services like counseling, psychotherapy, psychological assessments, training, coaching, consulting and teaching, we help our clients choose the kind of intervention that might be required at a given point in time.

Starting from a joint assessment of where they are, all our committed transformation psychologists facilitate the understanding of the different tools, processes and services we provide. The idea is to involve our clients right from step one and make them an equal participant in all the future steps. This leads to customising both the selection of the service and the service itself so that empowerment and insight building begin right from the beginning.

In order to accommodate the diversity of preferences in people, within our team we have people who specialise in certain services as per their personality and liking. Additionally, we utilise a wide range of approaches like the Person Centered Approach, Codependency Model, Transactional Analysis and Psychodrama for our individual as well as group work. We also use a range of assessment tools like the 16 PF, Disc, TA based assessments and Psychodrama based assessments. This range of professional services and approaches, helps us to cater to the diverse needs of people as per their personality.

We ensure that the unique of the person, relationship and organisation is at the centre of all the work we do and that our clients get to pick and choose with informed consent.

Empowerment is not just a philosophy at Maanas, it is our way of working…