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Life is growth and growth is life. Anything that is living, grows and continuously expresses itself in a unique way. If growth and expansion are our natural characteristics, then it is only by accident or due to certain unresolved issues that any person, relationship or organisation is not growing to their natural next level. If their blocks are worked upon and removed, any entity is free to grow to its full potential.

With this basic philosophy at the core, Maanas offers a range of services related to psychological well-being and transformation. As the person, relationship or organisation take their journey, we support them with the requisite psycho-education, self-awareness and systems awareness at different stages. The goal and the path are always chosen by our clients. Though the growth journey is not always easy, through all the rough patches and moments of exhilaration, our commitment is to stay with them, as they reach, where they want to.

When the journey ends in their becoming an expanded and full of life version of themselves, we know that our task as mediums/catalysts is over. The best part of the journey for us is the knowledge that we have not only been agents of transformation but also agents of empowerment. Empowering people, relationships and organisations with psychological awareness and tools that would keep guiding them much after our work with them is over.

In your beautiful walk of life, in case you wish that we walk with you for a while, we welcome you to an experience called Maanas The Inside Story.

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  • Theatre of Life (ToL) on 23rd September
  • Admissions for six month short term Person Centered Therapy (PCT) in Hindi and English language to be announced soon.


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